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CAR season is upon us!
The Conference Agenda Report ( CAR) will soon beavailable…
?In English by 29 November 2017
?Translated by 29 December 2017
Includes 25 regional motions, articles on high-interest topics, and a survey to gather members?
ideas about recovery lit, service material, and Issue Discussion Topics:
.Conference Approval Track materials available on or by 29 January 2018, including

budget, project plans, and 2018?2020 NA World Services Strategic Plan.

World Service Conference 29 April?5 May 2018
July 2018 price increase adjusted downward
from 7.5% to 6% on everything except the Basic Text, which will be increased 5%.
Read about the recommended increase and thisadjustment on page 7.
WCNA 37: 30 August?2? September 2018
Celebrate Recovery in Orlando, Florida!
Learn more, register, and book your hotel: